Questions and answers about our company

Why are we different to other landlords?

  • We fix maintenance issues quickly and with out blame 
  • No fees and low deposits only £175
  • We give back over 98 percent deposits IN FULL 
  • Save in rent as our contracts are 11months not 12 months (unless you want this) 
  • All bills included including the UK's quickest broadband!

Do we keep to our word? Ask any of our previous tenants! Testimonials available.

Are you an estate agent?

We are a family business, not an estate agent, with over 20 houses so we are large enough to be professional but small enough to care. Its personal to us and we want our students to be happy


I don’t know Worcester very well. Are your houses near the University or miles away? Are they nice?

We have been providing student homes in Worcester for 15 years; we were able to cherry pick some of the prime locations before Worcester even became a University so they are in great locations, some right outside the university gates.  We also update our kitchens and bathrooms every few years, and just look at the photos to see the standard of our properties!


Are you just investors who don’t provide a good service once students are signed up?

We are from Worcester, and have an office in Henwick Road, so we aren’t faceless. This is what we do so we are available and responsive; we are not middle men, its not an investment where we aren’t around or have given it to someone else to look after and therefore aren’t hands on


Help! Something has gone wrong in my house; will I get blamed? I’ve heard some landlords won’t ever respond to issues or fix them?

Having done this for 15 years, we have built up a good team of workmen, plumbers, electricians etc, and this includes a 24-hour emergency contact number that can be called (but please with the emphasis on emergency!)

Things will go wrong in any house, whether it’s a student let or your own home.  We hear from other students that they are afraid to contact their landlord, or that if they do, nothing will ever be done. We actually fix things when they go wrong, and as quickly as possible; we want you to be happy and comfortable as we believe that happy tenants lead to happy landlords!



I’ve got a concern or worry and don’t know what to do. My student loan is late in coming in but my rent is due

 We like to think we are sympathetic and understanding; for example, we are willing to let rents be paid when student loans are received, rather than on the exact date in the tenancy.  Most problems that you may have we will have heard before, so hopefully we can come to a solution together – we want our relationship with our tenants to be one of equal respect and openness



Are your houses safe, compliant with standards and legal?

We are fully licenced with Worcester City Council, and comply with all national legal requirements too (gas check, electrical certs, fire safety checks etc)  We have all documentation in our office if you ever want to look through them



Are you going to keep my security deposit no matter how well I look after the house?

  Many tenants are worried that they will pay a security deposit to a landlord and then the landlord will never give it back at the end of the tenancy.  We aren’t like that;  we are fair and are not here to make money from your deposits, so treat the house with respect, don’t bounce any payments and like over 90% of our tenants you will get your deposit back in full (Deposits are also protected in the MyDeposits registered scheme). Also our deposits are some of the lowest around, at about half of the going rate!



I’m worried that I will have to pay another tenants rent if they leave the house?

All of our tenants, and their guarantors are only responsible for paying their own rent and do not have to pay for any other housemates, even if another housemate leaves.  This is clearly stated in the Tenancy Agreement



Having said all that, the best advert for us is through our reputation and from feedback from our previous tenants.  Please do ask around about us as the Accommodation Office know us well, and read a few testimonials from our previous tenants, many of whom stayed for 2 or even 3 years


Tom Parker - Houses are well equipped, spacious and conveniently located near to the university. E-mails and maintenance requests are also dealt with quickly. Overall, very friendly and approachable landlords.

Scott Cawkell, 48 Henwick road - House was cosy and the location is extremely convenient! Landlord responds to our emails quickly and is very helpful. Conclusively, Lapsley Housing is a friendly, well organised entity. Shame to be leaving next year.

Alex Woods, 21 Happylands west - Brilliant landlord to deal with and made everything really easy. Very efficient response to all communication and really good value for money. The extras in the house were brilliant, sky sports TV and dr dre beats speakers were fantastic.

Mike Trevlyan – 15 Farley  Street  - Would recommend to any student. Great help during our two years living in a Lapsley Housing student house.

Sophie McCabe, 106 Henwick road - I'd really recommend Lapsley Housing. The landlord Ben is a really laid back guy. We were very happy with how much we were trusted with the place so it really felt like home :) rented the house for the 2 Years and was just really pleased with our decision! Thanks Ben 

What our residents say

"Houses are well equipped, spacious and conveniently located near to the university. E-mails and maintenance requests are also dealt with quickly. Overall, very friendly and approachable landlords." Tom Parker-160 Henwick Road

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